Move the Needle with WeRaise

As we celebrate the success of Pakistani startups in raising capital, WeRaise is deeply concerned about the gender gap in the capital that is being raised. If we were to zoom in a bit, 2020 and 2021 have been exciting years for male-led startups in Pakistan. The bleak number of deals closed by women CEOs is alarming. 2 to 3 deals closed by women CEOs out of 50+ deals in 2021 just do not make the cut for an inclusive ecosystem. 

We at WeRaise are solving some critical questions and challenges existing in the ecosystem in regards to the dearth of investible women CEOs’ companies raising funds: how many of the startups that are in the pipeline for the future are led by women? How many of them are being looked at by the investor community seriously? And from the women-led startups that are looked at seriously, how many deals are closing? 

To solve this challenge together, WeRaise is proud to introduce our investing partners, strategic partners, and mentors, who have taken the pledge with us to ‘Move the Needle’ on the number of deals being closed by women CEOs.

Through our strategic partnerships, our partners will “Move the Needle with WeRaise” on capital raising for investible women CEOs in Pakistan by Considering, Connecting, and Capacitating investible women founders in the fundraising pipeline.

  • Consider
  • Have a look at the WeRaise portfolio companies as an investor
  • Connect
  • Connect with promising women led startups in your network that require deeper fundraise  planning, to WeRaise for coaching and streamlining
  • Link WeRaise startups with your networks for strategic mentorships, partnerships and investment. 
  • Capacitate
  • Provide constructive feedback to the coaches and founders if a WeRaise portfolio company that you view does not appear to be “ready to raise” 
  • Participate in at least one awareness/knowledge transference panel or fireside chat with WeRaise coaches

Investing Partners

Aatif Awan

Founder & Managing Partner Indus Valley Capital

Rabeel Warraich

Founder & CEO, Sarmayacar

Shoaib Zahid Malik

Partner, Walled City Co. 

Misbah Naqvi

General Partner and Co-Founder at i2i Ventures

Tina Daher

Investment Professional, Shorooq PartnerS

Anees Khawaja

Partner at Walled City Co & GroundUp | Director & Owner at Mahmood Group | CEO at MG Apparel

William Bao Bean

General Partner at SOSV | Managing Director at Chinaccelerator | Managing Director at MOX

Faisal Aftab

Co-Founder & Managing Partner Zayn Capital – Frontier Fund | Early Investor: BTC, LTC, ETH, ADA

Shehryar Hydri

Managing Partner at Deosai Ventures

Strategic Partners


National Incubation Centre Islamabad

National Incubation Center Karachi




Yasser Bashir

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Arbisoft

Fatima Mazhar

Chief Operations Officer (COO) at COLABS | Advisory Board Member at Jiye Kisan

Ozair Ali

co-foundER and lead Alter GLOBAL

Mannan Amin

Co-founder AT TINTASH


SEA Startup Specialist

Mubariz Siddiqui

Lawyer | Independent Practitioner